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Low-Cost Housing Scheme Launched in Lahore

In a bid to provide affordable housing to the lower and middle-income groups, Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has launched a housing project in Lahore under the newly introduced Punjab Peri-Urban Low-Cost Housing Scheme. Let's take a further look at this scheme and how it will help the salaried and working-class groups in the

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A guide to find the Real Estate Return on your Investment

The measure of return on a particular investment over a set period of time is called Return on Investment (ROI). It is calculated and expressed as a percentage of the total investment cost. Like any other indicator, the return on investment plays a very important role in the real estate industry. It is used to

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Peshawar’s High-Rise Buildings

Peshawar's High-Rise Buildings & What it Means for the Real Estate Market in the City of Peshawar The flower town, Peshawar, is booming with new sky-building projects. Property prices are rising as the city's investment opportunities continue to grow. Due to the increase in tourism in the north, tourists are also flocking to Peshawar reason,

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Everything you need to know about Special Tech Zones in Pakistan

The cutting-edge technology introduced in the 21st century has had a profound effect on our way of life and our work habits. to buy online and save airline tickets with just a few clicks on our smartphone screens. Describing the impact that technology plays on our daily lives, the Pakistani government is also focused on

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